The Shower is a Bacterial Breeding Ground

So You Need To Protect Yourself & Your Family

According to Columbia Health...

Showers & Tubs are prime sites

for Bacteria Growth

Be aware that Bacteria are present in alarming

numbers long before they are visible to the naked eye.

Why is Self-Cleen ST3 Self-Cleaning Antimicrobial Coating Crucial for a Cleaner - More Sanitary Shower?

If your shower surfaces are not protected with Self-Cleen ST3, then the bacteria and fungus that stick to the shower surfaces - start to grow and spread.

Self-Cleen ST3's Antibacterial and Antifungal surface properties Prevent UNSEEN bacteria and fungus from dividing and growing on shower surfaces (in between disinfections). By doing so, Self-Cleen ST3 Coated surfaces are More Sanitary than uncoated surfaces.

Self-Cleen ST3's surface also repels scum and lime-scale to make showers Cleaner, as well as to prevent the same from bonding to it.  Since, scum and scale cannot bond to Self-Cleen ST3 - they EASILY wipe off instead of requiring scrubbing.

Self-Cleen ST3 Save You Countless Hours of scrubbing and frequent cleaning, while eliminating the need to purchase a multitude of Specialty Cleaners (tub & tile cleaner, mold & mildew cleaner, calcium and lime-scale removers, non-abrasive scouring powders, bleach and more), so Self-Cleen ST3 actually Saves You Money too!

STOP Fighting the Fungus!


Self-Cleen ST3 PREVENTS Fungus from Growing on its Surface


Recurring Mildew Growth

AFTER Killing Mildew and

Coating with Self-Cleen ST3

Want to Verify Whether Your Shower is Contaminated with Germs, Bacteria and Scum - Or Not?

Then get our CLEEN-OR-NOT Handheld UV Black Light and You will know for sure.

What better way to Create and Maintain a Cleaner - More Sanitary Shower, than to be able to SEE the nasty stuff that you are trying to eliminate!



When 24/7 Protection for your Loved Ones is NOT OPTIONAL...

  • You NEED the latest Antimicrobial Coating Technology found in Self-Cleen ST3

  • Fast and Easy Spray-on application

  • 6-months of Self-Cleaning Anti-Microbial and Anti-Fungal Protection - then recoat

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