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SJM Holdings (00880abaccarat.HK) Executive Director He Chaofeng conducted an on-site transaction from May 10 to May 17 to 2abaccarat.9056 to HK$3.0972 per shareabaccarat8.827 million shares of the company were bought back at a price of 26.45 million Hong Kong dollars, with a total investment of approximately HK$26.45 million, and its shareholding increased from 0.34% to 0.46%.

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[He Chaofeng, Executive Director of SJM Holdings, increased his stake in the market] From May 10 to 17, the Stock Exchange's equity disclosure information showed that SJM Holdings (00880.HK)abaccaratThrough on-site trading, He Chaofeng, executive director of the company, increased his holdings of the company's shares by 8.827 million shares at an average price of 2.9056 to 3.0972 Hong Kong dollars, involving an amount of approximately 26.45 million Hong Kong dollars.

abaccarat| SJM Holdings increased its holdings: He Chaofeng's shareholding ratio rose to 0.46%

Increase in shareholding and proportion After He Chaofeng's increase in holdings, the number of SJM Holdings shares held increased to 32.73112 million shares, and its shareholding ratio also increased from the original 0.34% to 0.46%.