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Gelonghui May 17 丨 AEON (00984.HK) announcementslammer34500, on May 17, 2024, the company (as seller) entered into the agreement with the buyer (Aeon Financial Services (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.), pursuant to which the company agreed to sell and the buyer agreed to purchase the sold shares (i.e. 1slammer34500, 654,500 AEON Credit shares, accounting for approximately 0.40% of the total number of shares in issue as of the date of this announcement), each sale share was priced at HK$6.04, for a total consideration of HK$9.993 million (before deducting transaction costs).

Based on the recent market price of the AEON Credit, the directors believe that the disposal is an opportunity to realize the company's investment in part of the sale shares, thereby enhancing the Group's cash position and will allow the Group to reallocate more financial resources to the Group's general working capital.

slammer34500| AEON (00984.HK) plans to sell 1.6545 million shares of AEON Credit Shares at HK.993 million