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The Self-Cleen Story

Self-Cleen products were born of necessity. Our founder was a single father, that like many, was strapped to find family time while keeping down a job and suffering a large time-drain from frequent house work and yard work. Something had to give.

One weekend after spending over 2-hours scrubbing, scouring and chemical blasting one of his three bathrooms to get all of the soap scum and hard water limescale build-up off the tub, tile and toilet - he decided to take action to prevent from having to do that level of painful cleaning again.

He put his high-tech materials background and degree in chemistry to use and after more than 1-year of research, material sourcing, testing, failures, more sourcing and testing - he found the solution to his bathroom cleaning problems for good.

The solution was a high-tech spray-on coating system that was water-proof and actively repelled soap scum and limescale on all non-porous bathroom surfaces for 6-8 months at a time.  Thus, Self-Cleen ST3 Self-Cleaning Coating (ST3 = showers, tubs, tile and toilets) was born and launched online in July of 2013. You now find the 2nd Generation of this breakthrough product as BULLET-PROOF BATHROOM SUPER-COAT on and

The Self-Cleen story continues with more and more complimentary products being added to make his life and your life easier.