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The Self-Cleen Story

Self-Cleen products were born of necessity and optimized for ease of bathroom maintenance leading to a New Age of "Anti-Cleaning"!


Too many frequent and wasteful hours of scrubbing, scouring and chemical blasting three bathrooms led to the personal creation of innovative solutions that Reduced Cleaning Time and "Prevented Frequent Cleaning" - thus the concept of "Anti-Cleaning" was born.

These out-of-the-box solutions that proved to save so many hours of precious time and effort are now available to you in the form of Self-Cleen products. Our motto is LESS-CLEANING - MORE-LIVING! Start "Anti-Cleaning" today and LIVE-MORE!

The Self-Cleen story continues with more and more complimentary products being added to make your life easier. Stop back often.

Self-Cleen Blog

20 Ways To Save Your Bathroom with 1-Product

Whole-Bathroom 6-Month Protectant Developed For Remodel Surface Preservation


“What was the “1st” thing that Bill and Sandra Whalen did after installing their dream copper & polished-nickel tub and mosaic sink?...They immediately protected the surfaces with Bullet-Proof Bathroom Super-Coat™ by Self-Cleen”, explains Matthew Masters, Self-Cleen spokesperson. It is understandable that The Whalen’s wanted to protect these gorgeous, new fine bathroom furnishings - who wouldn’t? Whether buying “new” furnishings, or just wanting bathrooms to stay looking like “new”, the information in this article will be of value.

"Here are pictures of bathroom fixtures after using your product.
Turned out great!!! Thank you!!"
- Bill & Sandra Whalen

The Common Causes of Degradation:
Water, Soap Scum, Limescale, Chemical Attack, Humidity, Cleaning & Scrubbing
It’s said to be easy to start degrading the beauty of new bathroom furnishings and remodels by simply turning on the water and using them. To preserve beauty instead – consider what The Whalen’s did. If their message, above, is any indication – they are very thankful.

Self-Cleen claims that it didn’t set out to create just another “glass protectant” or “shower spray”. Its goal was to develop the most versatile DIY bathroom protectant product available. The result is Self-Cleen’s Bullet-Proof Bathroom Super-Coat™ Kit, which is a whole-bathroom protectant that only requires 2-Treatments per year.

According to Self-Cleen’s Spokesperson, Matthew Masters, “The patented 2-Part formulation in its Super-Coat cannot be exactly duplicated by others.” Self-Cleen describes its Super-Coat as an advanced micro-particle technology that creates a solid transparent barrier that instantly molecularly bonds to the original surface. “It becomes the new surface and it won’t peel, bubble or discolor. The original surface is preserved because outside elements cannot contact it any longer”, stated Masters.

Masters also mentioned that its Super-Coat’s surface actively repels water, oils, soap scum and hard water limescale. “Bathrooms surfaces stay cleaner longer, scrubbing is eliminated, and maintenance is reduced to easy wipe-down cleaning”, he says.

Per Masters, “All common bathroom surfaces can be protected with this advanced 6-Month Super-Coat, except for “porous” surfaces - primarily travertine tile and unfinished wood.” To illustrate how valuable this product can be, Masters offers the 20-Examples, below.

20-Ways to Protect Bathroom Remodels & Renovations with 1-Product
1. Beautifies & Protects Granite
2. Beautifies & Protects Marble
3. Beautifies & Protects Porcelain
4. Beautifies & Protects Tile
5. Beautifies & Protects Metals & Chrome
6. Beautifies & Protects Mirrors
7. Beautifies & Protects Windows and Glass Block
8. Prevents Water-Corrosion of Glass
9. Prevents Humidity Damage and Fading of Painted Walls
10. Prevents Humidity Damage to Wall Paper
11. Prevents Water Damage to Finished Wood
12. Prevents Humidity Damage to Artwork Frames & Glass
13. Resists Staining of Vanities and Cabinets
14. Resists Staining & Water-Damage to Flooring
15. Resists Staining & Water-Damage to Shelving
16. Prevents Scum & Limescale Build-up on Glass
17. Prevents Scum & Limescale Build-up on Tub & Tile
18. Prevents Toilet-Rings
19. Prevents Hard Water Build-up on and around Faucets
20. Facilitates Green & Easy Cleaning of all Surfaces

One Bullet-Proof Bathroom Super-Coat kit treats up to 300 square feet and can be purchased on and

About Practical Scientific Solutions:

Practical Scientific Solutions Co. (PSS) is a customer-oriented company whose core business is to develop and offer advanced products and new Best Practices under the brand name “Self-Cleen”. PSS serves consumers, residential cleaning services, and commercial janitorial services with solutions for bathroom cleaning, protection and easy reduced maintenance.


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Remove Scum and Limescale - Prevent Return

Why is Scum & Scale so hard to remove?

The residue or build-up that you must SCRUB off or Descale from shower glass, walls, tubs and chrome fixtures tenaciously adheres to unprotected surfaces.  That's because the build-up is a nasty combination of soap scum, body oils, lime scale, bacteria from bodies, and bacteria from municipal water - that create what Self-Cleen calls a "bio-cement". If the residues were merely lime scale (hard water stains), then they would be as easy to remove as the hard water spots on outside window glass; which can usually be removed with vinegar or ammonia.  However, for those that have tried to remove Scum and Scale, it is clear that it takes magnitudes of more effort and harsher chemicals to remove it.

How to Remove Scum & Scale?

There are many cleaning product claims on TV, and a multitude of tips offered on the internet for removing soap scum and lime scale from bathroom surfaces.  Self-Cleen has performed extensive research and field testing in real homes to develop its recommendations. 

In short, Self-Cleen could not find any liquid chemical cleaners (consumer, commercial, or industrial grade) that effectively remove Scum & Scale on their own. That's due to the amazing bonding of the "bio-cement" to glass, metal, tile, porcelain, grout and more.

It is Self-Cleen's opinion that this build-up requires a Physical-Cleaning method for removal. 

Self-Cleen's new "GET-OFF My Shower Glass" Scum & Scale Elimination Kit for use on power drills is that "physical-cleaning" method - with TURBO Power!  Effective Removal with No Manual Scrubbing and No Fumes is now possible. It's is the Last Word in Scum & Lime-Scale Removal.


  • Until recently (April 2014) it was nearly impossible to effectively remove scum and lime-scale/hard water stains from Shower Glass
  • However, with the Self-Cleen's Product Release of "GET-OFF MY Shower Glass" Scum & Lime-Scale Removal DIY Kit for use with power-drills - it is now a simple task
  • The key is the GET-OFF Cut & Polish Rotary Disc Pad. When it is rotated at high-speeds (1200 RPM) on a wet scum and scale covered surface - it cuts through the build-up and polishes the glass in one-step (use with a little scratchless scouring powder for Stubborn build-ups)


No Fumes, No Manual Scrubbing



 > Learn More About "GET-OFF MY Shower Glass"

Then - Prevent Scum & Scale Build-up from Coming Back?

Preventing the Scum & Scale build-up from coming back for 6-months at a time is the "Easy Part" thanks to the recent product release of Self-Cleen ST3 BULLET-PROOF BATHROOM Super-Coat. Self-Cleen ST3 acts as a "Scum & Scale Repellant" to make bathroom surfaces Stay Cleaner, Look Newer, and become Scrub-Free.

Self-Cleen's 2-Part Coating System only takes minutes to apply using a simple spray-on, swirl and wipe-off process. 

To maintain continuous Scum & Scale protection, spray-on a fresh coat of Self-Cleen ST3 BULLET-PROOF BATHROOM every 6-months.

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New Pet-Safe Toilet Bowl Ring Repellent Now Available from Self-Cleen


Finally, Pet Owners Can Protect Their Pets and Prevent Toilet-Rings too

Oct 07, 2015, 08:40 ET from Practical Scientific Solutions Co.

RIVERSIDE, Calif., Oct. 7, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- PET LOVERS know their beloved dogs or cats may take an occasional drink from the household toilet. So, instinctively many won't add chemicals to their toilet water, resulting in recurring toilet-rings and tedious toilet maintenance.  Self-Cleen's new Toilet-Ring Repellent™ protective coating product solves this dilemma because it does not add any chemicals to the toilet water – making it completely Pet-Safe and Septic-Safe.

The Problem - Pet-Safety
Pet-Owner instincts regarding avoidance of household chemicals are on target. According to The National Center for Health Sciences on the dangers of household chemicals and pet safety:

"… perhaps the most serious exposure is to modern household cleaners, which may contain a number of proven and suspect causes of cancer. Cleaning products with ingredients such as bleach, ammonia, chlorine, glycol ethers or formaldehyde can put pets at risk for cancer, anemia, liver and kidney damage."

-         The National Center for Health Sciences

The Problem – Chemical Toilet Bowl Maintenance
Current toilet bowl maintenance relies on harsh toilet bowl cleaners, bleach tank drop-ins, automatic tank flush chemicals and chemical gels stuck to the side of the bowl.  Lack of very frequent chemical toilet bowl cleaning typically results in ugly and difficult to manage toilet bowls. These bowls often develop toilet-rings and hard water scale build-up all the way down the walls.  Removing this scale takes significant effort and additional products, such as pumice stones and chemical lime and/or calcium removers.


The Solution – Pet-Safe Toilet-Ring Repellent™

PSS Spokesperson Matthew Masters shared, "I am a pet-owner and a user of this breakthrough product.  Finally, I can prevent toilet-rings and not harm my pets." Masters continued "Toilet-Ring Repellent™ is an exciting departure from current toilet maintenance products and methods, because it Treats-the-Bowl – Not-the-Water!" "This advanced approach is very effective and perfect for us Pet-Lovers", finished Masters.

Toilet-Ring Repellent™ is a Spray-on 3-Month Protectant with powerful Hard-Water Positive-Ion Repelling Technology to prevent toilet-rings. It is the new Best Practice in Automatic Toilet-Bowl Maintenance because it makes the toilet-bowl surface automatically protect itself – without the addition of chemicals to the water. Once applied, it permanently micro-bonds directly to the toilet-bowl and creates a solid protective layer designed for this harsh, constant-submersion environment. The components are non-toxic and biodegradable.

Toilet-Ring Repellent™ eliminates the need for harsh chemicals and facilitates GREEN Cleaning. A once a month swish with inexpensive distilled white vinegar is the negligible maintenance for virtually self-cleaning toilets. One kit treats 2-Toilet Bowls for 1-Year and can be purchased on and

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